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A Recipe for a Successful Film: tips for beginner filmmakers

If you're just getting started in filmmaking, or even just thinking about it, we'd say, 'Give it a go!' Rick has written a blog about some of the things to think about when making a film, so read on for his useful 'Recipe for a Successful Film".

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Aesthetics in the everyday? Hop hauling as an art

Which brings to mind one of my favourite interviewees, the retired haulier, John Griffiths. I think even John would admit to being a ‘hard nut to crack’ when it comes to interviewing. And, again, I admired that in him: he is a proud man, who has had to work very, very hard

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Micro-tradition vs global homogeneity

It’s easy to see why Derek Evans returned to it again and again to create his photographic record. Before the merciful advent of the Welfare State, a ‘safety net’ offered by the Friendly Society was sorely needed

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Bumper 'harvest time' for local pubs

‘It was a tremendous atmosphere. Every public house in the county was abuzz with hop pickers. All of a sudden for one month a year, there was an absolute buzz, it was incredible.’

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An audience favourite

Sometimes a story captures the public imagination for all the right reasons. ‘Stories from the Hop Yard’, the film from Catcher Media, seems to have done just that, that is if the sell-out audiences are anything to go by.

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