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'18 seconds - the ball's in the Newcastle net': Colin Addison Relives The Draw of '72


Colin Addison, former manager of Hereford United, talks about the surprise draw between Hereford United and Newcastle United on 24th January 1972, held at St James' Park, Newcastle upon Tyne. In vivid detail, Addison brings each point to life as if we were there on the pitch with him. There was a crowd of nearly 40 000 in the stadium and thousands of Hereford United supporters flocked to see the game on a cold January night. Addison describes the elation and the disbelief: many of Hereford United's players hadn't played at St James' park before, nor had they ever played a First Division club  - but the goals came, and later, so did the win at Edgar Street in February!


Click here to watch Colin Addison's story.


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