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Archive for: July 2016

Singing in the Fields: Tales of Hop Picking

Influential hop farmer Peter Davies talks about the hop picking - by hand - on his farm.

Hereford Racehorse jazz club, the place to be in the 1960's

“The club took over the skittle alley of the pub and we had live music every week. It was very loud, very crowded and extremely smoky."

Then and Now: Hereford United in The 70s & The Club Today

Ron Parrott, knowledgeable archivist and long-term fan of Hereford United, discusses how that epic match against Newcastle, in the FA Cup third round replay of 1972, changed things for the club.

Fond Memories of Hop Picking with Pauline Davies

In this short clip Leominster Councillor - Pauline Davies - talks about her experiences hop picking as a child. Pauline was just 4 years old when she first went picking with her mother.

'A picture needs to hit you in the gut': John Bulmer Talks Photography

John Bulmer, eminent photojournalist and film-maker, talks about what newspapers want and how Derek Evans helped him realise what that was.

'18 seconds - the ball's in the Newcastle net': Colin Addison Relives The Draw of '72

Colin Addison, former manager of Hereford United, talks about the surprise draw between Hereford United and Newcastle United on 24th January 1972, held at St James' Park, Newcastle upon Tyne.