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Archive for: October 2018

The perfect gift

We are pleased to be able to offer DVD copies of Herefordshire Life Through a Lens: Stories from the Hop Yards and other titles

Reunion at Edgar Street

I am not a football person. I have never been athletic, never came from a family who supported a team, or even watched an entire game. But it is impossible not to get swept up with the romance and excitement of the 1972 Hereford v Newcastle match.

On Holiday With Catcher Media

"It occurs to me that there is something fascinating in taking a photograph of a photograph, capturing an image within an image. Each one of Derek's images so striking in it's own right, telling it's own story, when photographed within a modern context, in turn creates another story, an interaction between past and present." Clova gives us an insight her experience as one of our project volunteers.