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Archive for: December 2018

Christmas indulgence of a different kind

Christmas approaches and we reach the half-way point of this project, new images continue to emerge from the Derek Evans Christmas-stocking-of-an-archive. Some catch the eye more than others. With Christmas lunch shopping lists being hastily compiled, visions of roast goose, mince pies and lashings cream piling up, it is a relief to the digestive system to step away from these frenzied festivities and have an indulgence of a different kind, this time in the his ample and varied photographic archive.

It is far better to lick than to bite

If anyone could represent the ‘wise old man’ persona, then surely hop farmer the late Barry Parker must be it. His memorable, delightful, and philosophical phrases are remembered long after his interview has finished.

The Bishop and the Helter Skelter

In his eye-catching violet cassock, he ascended the spiralling stairs of the Helter Skelter, placed his large frame on the mat, and slid to the bottom...