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Archive for: January 2019

Voices from the past

We often wonder who were the people in Derek Evans' photographs, what their lives were like, when did they abandon their lives on the road? We felt we would never know and had begun to accept that the figures frozen in time in the photo would forever remain an enigma. But then life has the habit of sneaking up on you and, when you least expect it, you start hearing echoes from the past.

Gypsy representation on screen

Far from being the outcasts they are so often represented as, gypsies have long lived alongside settled communities quite companionably, providing niche services to isolated rural economies.

Rescuing stories from obscurity

While there are various themes and elements to the whole Herefordshire Life Through a Lens project, it also seems to be having the positive effect of bringing to the surface other stories that have been largely forgotten with the passage of time. And there are some crackers. Take Oliver Treherne. He appears in one of Derek Evans’ cuttings files, tucked neatly away among dozens of other items that have made it to press. But Mr Treherne stands out.

Pigeon Post

Derek Evans' cuttings files are a treasure chest of local stories. Among them one young footballer from 1962, who used a novel, but highly effective, way of 'broadcasting' his team's football results.