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On Holiday With Catcher Media

"It occurs to me that there is something fascinating in taking a photograph of a photograph, capturing an image within an image. Each one of Derek's images so striking in it's own right, telling it's own story, when photographed within a modern context, in turn creates another story, an interaction between past and present." Clova gives us an insight her experience as one of our project volunteers.

England’s Last Remaining Barrel Maker Insists He's Not On His Last Kegs

The imminent screening of ‘Stories from the Hop yards’ has invited stories around English beer and the rapid growth of microbreweries. Could wooden casks be set for a revival? We can only hope so.

Sailor Thomas and the 14 Inch Pipe

‘He had all these old trestles, it was like a big old shed. And he used to drink cider and take snuff. He wore a brown smock and he used to tip his snuff in his top pocket, and he had a habit of dipping his finger in and snorting.’

Gypsy Caravan Craftsman Stands the Test of Time

The Derek Evans’ archive continues to spring surprises. Most delicious among them are his scrap books, page after page of newspaper cuttings, documenting news from the ‘front line’ of rural life.

Archive reveals hidden delights

Waiting with perhaps more anticipation than most, was the ex-Hereford Times photographer, and friend of Derek’s, Ray Lloyd, and his wife Elaine

Derek Evans wanted his pictures to lift people's spirits

Eminent Herefordshire photographer Keith James who worked with Derek for many years, talks about how he had an easy-going charm that could lift the spirits of everyone in the room.

'A picture needs to hit you in the gut': John Bulmer Talks Photography

John Bulmer, eminent photojournalist and film-maker, talks about what newspapers want and how Derek Evans helped him realise what that was.