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Behind the Scenes - Sifting through Stories

Over the winter months, editing of our upcoming film: ‘Carousel’ A Herefordshire Life Through A Lens Film’ has been in full swing. The name ‘Carousel’ comes from a type of slide projector; something which echoes the nature of the project. Assisting with this film does feel like sitting in the centre of a whirl of pictures and stories. How do we choose which stories to share?

Fownhope Heart of Oak Society - a community's search for meaning?

At first light, early on Oak Apple Day, a small number of die-hard villagers trek up the steeply wooded hill above their village on the River Wye in Herefordshire. They are in search of an oak bough. But not just any old bough. They will have been on a recce in the days leading up, identifying THE one, which are grown especially for the walk.

Micro-tradition vs global homogeneity

It’s easy to see why Derek Evans returned to it again and again to create his photographic record. Before the merciful advent of the Welfare State, a ‘safety net’ offered by the Friendly Society was sorely needed

How the Fownhope Heart of Oak walk kept alive the memory of a son lost in World War

A family’s long-standing connection to this age-old Fownhope village tradition.