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Derek Evans wanted his pictures to lift people's spirits


Eminent Herefordshire photographer Keith James who worked with Derek for many years, talks about how he had an easy-going charm that could lift the spirits of everyone in the room.

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13/01/2019, 01:01 pm
Hi Keith I was stationed in Shrewsbury during my National Service in 1947 and it was there that I met Derek and became quite close friends. It was he that introduced me to photography. I still have two photos taken by him dated 1947. I believe Derek took numerous photos whilst in the army, I would love to know if any still exist? David

Julia Goldsmith

15/02/2019, 08:02 am
Hi David - we haven't come across any of these early photos but they may still be with his family rather than in his studio archives, we have been sent a nice one Derek himself in the army. Thanks for sharing that one on Facebook with us. Julia- Catcher Media
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