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Our past heritage projects

Take a look at our other oral history media projects that we have completed in the county. Both of these projects have been so well received by Herefordshire people that we have been inspired to keep exploring and recording the rich heritage of the county.


Chewing the Cud: Memories from Hereford's Old Livestock Market


Hereford’s old livestock market wss the stimulus for an exciting heritage project which brought people together from all over the county to share memories, gain skills, make a film  and create a children’s exhibition to celebrate our shared agricultural history.


‘Outstanding film + project well done to all’


‘Brilliantly conceived, loved it to bits’


‘Excellent production hope to see more work from this team’


‘This is a fabulous project delivered with huge passion and expertise’


 Audience feedback


“A triumph. The film is such a professional piece of work and beautifully crafted and edited with some lovely devices and transitions to punctuate the stories.  Warm, funny and with wonderful characters and also an important record of an important part of Hereford history.”


John Banks, Borderlines Film Festival Board Member


The Close in Living Memory: Hereford Cathedral Close Oral Reminiscences


Our 18-month oral history project revealed an unimaginably rich vein of memories and beautiful photographs: from tales from the WWII fire wardens, to a Royal picnic in the rain, to modern-day students who form strong friendships while waiting for the bus.


"Catcher Media have been a wonderful team to work with. Easy-going yet professional; adaptable, yet always focused; creative, imaginative, and totally dedicated to the project"

Chris Pullin, Canon Chancellor & Education Development for Hereford Cathedral


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