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Volunteering and Training

Hands-on training happening ‘on the job’ alongside media & heritage professionals. 

Oral history interviewing – engagement and technical skills for researching and recording oral histories.

Film-making – documentary camera, sound and editing skills + interview technique.

Photography – documenting events, exhibition.

Digitisation – digitising photographic negatives and prints from the archive.

Research – local newspaper, photograph and agricultural archives; sourcing and follow-up potential interviewees



Social media – keep website current and inspiring; encouraging SM interactions from community; feeding content into blog, Facebook ,Twitter, Instagram accounts.

Administration – liaising with the project manager on logistical aspects of the project.

Events – helping to organise events e.g. screenings, out-reach and exhibitions.

NB: Some prior knowledge of these positions would be advantageous.


If you would like more information contact  Julia Goldsmith on 01432 277424 or email: [email protected]

Apply online:

Please note we cannot always guarantee a place as it depends on our current volunteers capacity.