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Through the Herefordshire Through A Lens project, Catcher Media has had access to the startling Derek Evans Studio archive, with a view to getting some of the 200,000+ negatives digitised and available to the public for the first time ever. With this in mind, Catcher Media in conjunction with Creative Ageing at the Courtyard Centre For the Arts, has developed a set of resources that can be used in older people’s settings to facilitate reminiscence and creative sessions. The photographs are of special relevance to people from the county, but also those who grew up in the 1940s to the 1970s.


The main resources are 6 x A3 cards featuring an individual photograph from the archive. On the back of each card is information about the photograph, and a list of creative activities for a facilitator. Other resources include more photos, video clips or templates, to further enhance sessions. 



May Fair
Hereford Football Club
Rural traditions e.g. Fownhope Heart of Oak walk
Music (Jazz & Pop & dancing)
TV and film stars
Royal visits




Download the six A3 cards (LINKS TO COME SOON), which form the core of this suite of resources.


Video Reminiscences

Series of video interviews, that will enhance reminiscence and creative sessions. Use the tags in order to narrow the choices. Explore the THEMES drop down menu, If you are intertested in a specific theme, as different videos are contained on these pages.


Video Clips

Use this series of modern-day and archive video in addition to the main A3 cards. They add flavour and can spark further discussion within the group. 


Photo Gallery

This series of photographs expands on the themes of the main A3 cards.


To access other templates & resources please visit: (LINKS TO COME SOON)




Legal: These resources and photographs are free to use in care & educational settings under CC-BY- NC 4.0 (LINK) licensing conditions. Commercial resale or use is not permitted. Individual photographs are subject to copyright. Please credit any use with the following: ‘These resources were created by Catcher Media and Creative Ageing as part of ‘Herefordshire Life Through a Lens’ in partnership with Herefordshire Council’s Libraries, Archive and Learning and Achievement Services. Funded by The Heritage Lottery Fund, and The Elmley Foundation, The Beaumont Trust, Wye Valley Brewery, Ledbury, Leominster and Ross-on-Wye Town Councils, and crowd-funding support. CC-BY-NC 4.0’